LN uses Language Translation Support (LTS) to reduce the language dependency of the LN applications and lower the costs of media creation and distribution.

  • Language translation support

    LTS provides a mechanism to separate translatable software components, such as labels, questions, and messages from language-independent components, such as form and report layouts. In LTS, the forms and reports only exist in the development language. For example, a sales order entry form contains only identifiers for the associated labels. The form is used by all system languages. At runtime, the translated labels are displayed on the form.
  • Software translation

    In LN you can export the labels, questions, and messages from a development or translation system and import them into other LN environments. Export and import of labels is performed by using XML-formatted files. Every XML file contains a selection of translatable components based on the user’s settings. The translated language files can be imported back into the Infor environment. The import process includes a conversion to runtime. All descriptions are stored as labels which can be handled by the same import and export processes.
  • Verify software components

    Verify Software Components ( VSC) is a tool to perform quality control on the LN 4GL-software. VSC performs various validations, based on the LN design principles. When you use VSC, a list of warnings is generated. For each warning, you can decide whether to accept the warning or solve the problem.