Event Publishing Overview

Business data and methods in LN are grouped in business objects. A business object, also known as BDE, business data entity, is capable of publishing events when changes occur to its instances. A client application can request changes on such a business object to be published. In this scenario, when an instance of a business object is created or an existing instance of a business object is changed or deleted, a create, change or delete event is published. The Synchronization Server enables publishing of these events from LN.

For an overview of event publishing, see these online manual topics:

  • Publishing Methods
  • Overview of components
  • Event Publishing Usage

More information

For more information, see:

  • Synchronization Server Overview
  • Synchronization and Event Publishing Deployment Guide This deployment guide describes among other things:
    • The specifications for the PublishList, PublishChanges and UnpublishChanges methods.
    • How to use these methods.
    • How to use the Synchronization Server to set up, optimize and manage the event publishing.
    • Important things to take into account when setting up the synchronization or event handling.
    • What to do in case of problems.