Exchange API

This section briefly describes the application programming interface (API) for Exchange.

The Exchange API is stored in the dadllapi library. This library contains functions to:

  • create an Exchange scheme (including generation functionality for table and field relations, for example)
  • check whether an Exchange scheme exists
  • delete an Exchange scheme
  • generate the runtime export and/or import program

No functions are included to change an existing Exchange scheme, except for the addition of components such as ASCII files or batches.


The input parameters as defined in the interface may not be complete. Attributes not included currently (such as parent exchange scheme) will be set to a default value. In the future they may be added to the API, if required.

More information

For detailed information, refer to the specifications of the dadllapi library.

You can retrieve the library specifications from the library object. At operating-system level, use explode6.2 to locate the library object, and subsequently use bic_info6.2 with the -eu options.

For example:

$ explode6.2 odadllapi


$ bic_info6.2 -eu /mybse/application/myvrc/odadll/odllapi

This method provides the prototypes, including the function name and type and parameters and their types, of the functions in the library, a description of the functions and their input and output, and the preconditions and postconditions.