Exchange scheme delivery

This topic describes how to import exchange schemes in LN.


Exchange schemes created by Infor are distributed as additional files.

To import these exchange schemes:

  1. Start the Import Delivered Exchange Schemes (daxch5204m000) session.
  2. Select the additional file to import into your current company.
  3. Click Import Schemes.

Create Export/Import Programs

After the installation, the imported schemes are available, but the programs are not yet generated. Therefore, after you copy the exchange schemes to the company from which you want to use them, complete these steps:

  1. Optionally, run the Exchange Schemes (daxch0501m000) session to check whether all options for the schemes, including the correct paths, are properly set.
  2. Run the Create Import Programs (daxch0227m000) session and/or the Create Export Programs (daxch0228m000) session.