To generate exchange schemes

To generate an exchange scheme quickly:

  1. Start the Exchange Schemes (daxch0501m000) session. In the File menu, select New, or click the New button to create a new scheme.
  2. In the details session, enter a code, a description, and a path name for the programs and files. If you want to Exchange based on the audit trail, switch on Based on Audit. Save the scheme, close the details session, and return to the overview.
  3. Select the newly created scheme, and in the Specific menu, select ASCII Files.
  4. In the File menu, select New, or click the New button. Enter one or more ASCII files. Each file must be given the name of the table you want to export, for example, tcmcs012. If you enter an existing table code, the description is filled automatically. The Definition File can be left empty. Save the newly created ASCII files.
  5. In the Specific menu, select Create ASCII files….
  6. In the Create ASCII File Fields and Relations (daxch0203m000) session, select all check boxes and provide a batch name, for example, BATCH. Click Create. The Exchange scheme definition is now ready.

In addition, file formats can be exchanged between exchange schemes using definition files. This allows you to create an exchange scheme based on the ASCII file format from an already existing exchange scheme.