To use jobs in the exchange module

If an exchange on a regular basis is added to a job while some exchange schemes are based on audit, the subsequent audit intervals will be consecutive and will have the same interval length. Thus the job period or the exact time the job is executed does not matter. A number of exchange runs can be exchanged within one job execution.

For non-regular export only the audit interval as specified on the screen is exported. Non-regular export can thus not be used for subsequent exports of consecutive intervals, except when you choose to let the date fields be relative to the system date.

You can only have one regular export job per exchange scheme (per company), because otherwise they will interfere with each other (they use common data).

When the regular export is added to a job while the audit ranges are filled in the interval, length will be taken to obtain the audit interval for the new run. The length of the job period is not used. Thus each time the job manager starts this session again, as many runs as possible are executed.