To use multiline text in an audit procedure

Multiline text fields can be used in an exchange based on audit. They are used when new data is inserted or when existing data is updated. Multiline text fields are written during a data export or read during a data import.

A multiline text is created in an ASCII file during a data export based on an audit procedure if:

  • A record with a text has been inserted .
  • A new text is linked to an existing record .
  • A text is deleted.
  • A text is disconnected from a record.


  • In previous releases a multiline text was not created during a data export if only the contents were changed. In this release, if the contents of a text is changed by means of the text editor, this is logged in the audit trail as two actions: an unlink action (where the old text is unlinked from the row) and a link action (where the new text is linked to the row). This means that when importing based on audit, the old text will be unlinked and a new text will be created and linked to the row.


If you change an order text, the order record is not changed and the text number in the record is unchanged. This means that the order is not logged in the audit files and exchange is not notified that the text has changed.

  • Text that is deleted between the moment it is created and the moment the export is run, is not read by the Exchange module. The text is therefore not exchanged.

If a multiline text is deleted in the source database, the text number is set to zero and the following multiline text is written by the Exchange module during a data export:

{\{ nnnnnnnn0-

The dummy language 0 is for compatibility with previous versions. The minus sign (-) indicates that the text is disconnected from the record.

The text number is set to zero in the target database if the update is imported. The contents of the text is not deleted.

Compatibility problems with older LN or Baan versions

  • If the target is Baan IVc or a later version and the source is an older version of LN or Baan there are no major problems, but the same limitations of the older versions apply as far as text deletions are concerned.
  • If the source is Baan IVc or a later version and the target is an older version of LN or Baan, an empty text field can be created instead of setting the text number at the target site to zero.