To use parameters in a condition script

Parameters are used to define an ASCII file field in a condition script.

The ASCII file fields of a record that must be imported, are not automatically defined in a condition script. To use the value of an ASCII file field, you must use that field as a parameter in the condition script.


An ASCII file contains ASCII file fields fld1, fld2 and fld3. Fields fld2 and fld3 are alphanumeric fields. A table contains fields fld1 and tfld. Field tfld is a field of string type. To assign the combination of the fields fld2 and fld3 to table field tfld, you must use a condition that contains:

return( fld2 & fld3)

To make this possible you must define two alphanumeric parameters, fld2 and fld3.

  • The parameter name must be identical to the name of the ASCII file field in the record it refers to.
  • The data type of the parameter must also be identical to that of the ASCII file field.