Introduction to the miscellaneous business object

This module provides useful utilities and informative sessions related to the status of the performed export and import processes. The utilities do not belong to a specific procedure, but can be used at any time during the exchange process.

The available tools can be used to:

  • Display, print and clear logs of files and tables that are made during an exchange process.
  • Deal with In-Doubt Transactions.
  • Create a sequential data definition file.

This module also includes tools to:

  • Copy and delete exchange schemes.
  • Load ASCII file definitions per exchange scheme.
  • Check the syntax of the conditions per exchange scheme.
  • Display, print, and remove ASCII Files.
  • Print a report which gives you information about which fields of the data dictionary are not in the specified exchange schemes.
  • Display the predefined functions and variables that can be used in condition scripts.