Introduction to the export module

This module is used to specify the LN information to be written to an ASCII file.

This module also exports the data from LN tables to ASCII files.

The Export module has three main functions:

  • Maintaining the export specific data necessary for the export process.
  • Generating the export program based on the export specific data.
  • Performing the actual export procedure on a regular or non regular basis.

The basic data required for an export process includes:

  • Table relations, to specify a relation between an LN table from which the data is to be exported and the ASCII file. A one-to-many and many-to-one relation between LN tables and ASCII files is possible.
  • Field relations, to specify how an ASCII file field must be filled with data from the LN fields.
  • Ranges, to select records from an LN table. Only records falling in the defined range are exported.
  • Export scripts which uses all basic data to generate and compile an export script.
  • This module can only be used if the mandatory information of the Master Data is filled.
  • It is necessary to generate the export script again when the basic data is changed.