Introduction to the import module

This module is used to specify the LN table fields to be loaded with information from an ASCII file. Before you can import the data, the mandatory basic information in the Master Data must be entered.

During the import process, LN takes care of the database relations and the validation rules specified in the domains.

The Import module has three main functions:

  • Maintaining the import specific data necessary for the import process.
  • Generating the import program based on the import specific data.
  • Performing the actual import procedure on a regular or non regular basis.

This business object also imports the data from the ASCII files in the LN table.

The basic data required for an import process includes:

  • Table relations, to specify a relation between the LN table and ASCII file from which the data is to be imported. A one-to-many and many-to-one relation between ASCII files and LN tables is possible.
  • Field relations, to specify how the LN fields must be filled.
  • Conversion relations, to change the field value according to a defined relation. Conversions relation can be defined at field relation level.
  • Conversions per field, after the relations are built. Instead of specifying the relation at field level, it is possible to associate the relation with import procedure table fields.
  • Import scripts which uses all basic data to generate and compile a script.
  • This module can only be used if the mandatory information of the Master Data is filled.
  • It is necessary to generate the import script again when the basic data is changed.