Defining a job calendar

You can use a job calendar to define the date and time a job must be started. Using the job calendar, you can start the job during quiet periods. For example, you can schedule processing and printing jobs to run after office hours to improve the system performance during the day.

To define a job calendar, complete these steps:

  1. Start the Calendars (ttaad5106m000) session.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the calendar code and a description, and save the changes.

Specifying the job's execution dates and times

  1. Start the Dates by Calendar (ttaad5107m000) session.
  2. Click New View.
  3. Enter or select the calendar code in the Calendar field.
  4. For each date and time that you want to specify:
    • On the File menu, click New.
    • Enter the date and the time. LN enters the date's weekday and the week number.
  5. Save your changes and close the Calendars (ttaad5106m000) session.