Import Exchange Schemes (daxch5202m000)

Use this session to import exchange schemes.

  • The exchange schemes that are imported are XML files.
  • The contents of exchange schemes are not checked. For example, if a scheme for sales order tables from Baan IVc is imported into Baan 5.2a, the specified sales order tables may be changed or may not exist anymore. This problem is not detected.
  • The files that contain the exchange schemes were exported using the Export Exchange Schemes (daxch5201m000) session.
  • To import exchange schemes that are delivered as an additional file, you must use the Import Delivered Exchange Schemes (daxch5204m000) session in stead of the current session.


This button is available:

Import Schemes
Imports the exchange schemes.

Field Information


The path and name of the file, that contains the exchange schemes.

Overwrite if Existing

If this check box is selected, and the imported exchange schemes already existed, the existing schemes are overwritten. The user is asked to confirm when a scheme is overwritten.