Export Exchange Schemes (daxch5201m000)

Use this session to export exchange schemes to a file.

  • The exchange schemes are exported as XML files.
  • Multi-site exchange links are not included.
  • Texts that are linked to the configuration are included in the exchange scheme. If a text is present in several languages, then these texts are all included.
  • Use the Import Exchange Schemes (daxch5202m000) session to import the exchange schemes.
  • To export exchange schemes to deliver them as additional files, which is possible from LN 6.0 and up, you must use the Export Exchange Schemes for Delivery (daxch5203m000) session in stead of the current session.


This button is available:

Export Schemes
Click to export the selected exchange schemes.

Field Information

Exchange Scheme

Specify a range of exchange schemes.

Exchange Scheme

exchange scheme

Include Log Data

If this check box is selected, the log data is also exported.

Use these sessions to view the log data:

  • Log Table (Batch Level) (daxch0508m000)
  • Log Table (Batch Line Level) (daxch0509m000)

The name of the export file, including the path.

Overwrite if Existing

If this check box is selected, and a file with the same name as specified in the File field already exists, that file is overwritten. Before the file is overwritten, you are prompted to confirm whether you want to continue.