Rejected Import Done Messages (daxch4506m000)

Use this session to view or delete the Rejected Import Done messages that are stored at the target site, because the source site could not receive the messages.

If a new Import Done message is sent, Exchange automatically tries to resend the Rejected Import Done messages.

If the source site could not accept the message, the messages are stored at the target site.

You can use the options on the appropriate menu to:

  • Start the Resend Rejected Messages (daxch4203m000) session to resend the messages as part of a job.
  • Resend a message that is rejected by the source site

The messages are automatically deleted if they are successfully resent.

Field Information

Target Exchange Scheme

The target exchange scheme code.

Target Batch

The target batch code.

Source Environment

The source environment code.

Source Company

The source company code.

Source Exchange Scheme

The source exchange scheme code.

Source Batch

The source batch code.

Source Run

The source run number.

Source Try

The source try number.