Batches to Import (daxch4504m000)

Use this session to view or delete the batches to import. The source site exports and the target site imports these batches.

The batch to import is removed as soon as the files are copied from the source site to the target site. You can also delete the batch to import manually. In that case an Import Done message is sent from the target to the source site.

The batches to import are stored at the target site in the same environment and company as the import batch.

Use the command on the appropriate menu to view the table relations in the batches to import.

Note: If a batch to import is deleted, the data that waits at the source site is not imported. If the batches to import are deleted, an Import Done message is sent.

Field Information

Target Exchange Scheme

The target exchange scheme code.

Target Batch

The target batch code.

Source Environment

The source environment code.

Source Company

The source company number.

Source Exchange Scheme

The source exchange scheme code.

Source Batch

The source batch code.

Source Run

The source run code.

Source Try

The source try code.