Current Export Done Messages (daxch4503m000)

Use this session to view or delete the current Export Done messages that are not accepted. These messages are sent to the target batch with a subscription on the source batch, when the export is completed at the source site.

This means that the export batches have run on the source site, and the targets sites that have a subscription to these batches are informed by the source site that sends the Export Done message.

If the message Import Done is received, the current Export Done message is removed.

You can use the commands on the appropriate menu to:

  • Start a session to resend a number of rejected messages.
  • Resend a message that is rejected.
Note: If you have started this session by zooming, you can only find and select a record. If a message is deleted, the exported data is not moved to and imported in the target environment.

Field Information


The subscription code.

Target Environment

The target environment.

Target Company

The target company number.

Source Exchange Scheme

The source exchange scheme code.

Source Batch

The source batch code.

Target Exchange Scheme

The target exchange scheme code.

Target Batch

The target batch code.

Source Run

The source run number.

Source Try

The source try number.


If this check box is selected, the message was successfully sent to the target site. If the message was rejected, it can be resent by using the Resend Rejected Messages... command on the appropriate menu.