Exchange Links (daxch4501m000)

Use this session to list the exchange links, which you can define and modify in the Exchange Links (daxch4101s000) session.

The exchange-link code that is defined at the target site, and the subscription code that is defined at the source site, must be the same.

You can use the options on the appropriate menu to:

  1. Activate or deactivate a single exchange link.
  2. Activate or deactivate a range of exchange links.
  3. View or delete the batches to import.
  4. To view the Rejected Import Done Messages.

If you have activated an exchange link, the target site sends a Subscribe message to the source site. The subscription is checked and stored at the source site. After that, whenever the batch defined in the subscription is carried out, an Export Done message is sent to the target site. If this message is not processed successfully , the link is stored at the target sit, but the status is changed to inactive.

If you have deactivated an exchange link at the target site, an Unsubscribe message is sent to the source site. If this message is received, the subscription is deleted and the target batch can no longer automatically process data from the source site. The Current Export Done messages are also deleted.

  • If you have started this session by zooming, you can only find and select a record.
  • You can only delete an exchange link, if it contains the status inactive at the source and target site.

Field Information

Target Exchange Scheme

The target exchange scheme code.

Target Batch

The target batch code.

Source Environment

The source environment code.

Source Company

The source company code.

Source Exchange Scheme

The source exchange scheme code.

Source Batch

The source batch code.