Environments (daxch4100m000)

Use this session to find, list, or maintain sites that LN Exchange can use to exchange data between different sites by using multisite control. You can define a source environment and a target environment in this session.

By defining exchange links and subscriptions in the Multisite Control module of LN Exchange, you can link the target environment and source environment.

Even though this session is especially designed for data exchanges between different sites, you can also use this session if multisite control is applied in a single BSE environment. In that case the target environment and source environment are obviously the same.

Note: If you have started this session by zooming, you can only find and select a record.

Field Information


The environment code.


The application server's name where the exchange scheme is stored.

BSE Path

This field specifies the path in the LN Software Environment where the environment is defined.

Server Name

The server's name.