Generate Audit Configuration (daxch1201m000)

Use this session to generate an audit configuration for the tables in one or more exchange schemes. Use this session only for exchange schemes that are based on an audit procedure.

Note: You must convert the new audit settings to runtime through the Create Runtime Audit Definitions (ttaud3200s000) session.


This button is available:


Generates the audit configuration.

Field Information

Exchange Scheme

exchange scheme

Exchange Scheme

exchange scheme

Audit Profile

Specify the audit profile in which the generated audit configuration is stored.

Note: From this field, you can zoom to the Audit Profiles (ttaud3110m000) session. This is not intended to select an audit profile, unless you want to overwrite an existing profile.
Replace Existing Profile

If this check box is selected, and you specify an audit profile name that already exists, the existing profile is overwritten after you confirm. If this check box is cleared, and you specify an existing profile, the audit configuration cannot be created.

Audit Category

Optionally, you can specify an existing audit category.