Exchange Schemes (daxch0501m000)

Use this session to list the available exchange schemes.

All import procedures and export procedures are related to an exchange scheme that is identified by a unique exchange-scheme code.

Use the details session to create an exchange scheme.

Use the commands on the appropriate menu to start the following sessions in order to complete the exchange scheme:

  1. ASCII Files (daxch0102m000)
  2. Batches (daxch0104m000)
  3. Conditions (daxch0114m000)
Note: If you want to add more information, click the Text button on the toolbar to start the text editor.

Field Information

Exchange Scheme

The exchange scheme code.


The description of the Exchange scheme.


With the Owner field, you can group and sort exchange schemes in a company.

The default value is your LN user code. This way you can use this field to specify the LN user who owns the exchange scheme. The value you define does not have to be an LN user. You can use any name to group the exchange schemes.

For example:

  • Actual: for exchange schemes that are currently used in your company.
  • Test: for your test exchange schemes.
  • Financials: for schemes transferring financial data.
  • Logistics: for schemes transferring logistical data.

In the View menu you can select Sort by > Exchange Scheme by Owner.

You can use the Owner field to filter records with the Filters (ttadv9593m000) session. To access filter options, click Filter on the View menu.

Based on Audit

If this check box is selected, the data is imported or exported from audit files (instead of LN tables) if the exchange is based on an audit procedure. This option is useful in a multisite environment. This option only shows that an audit is carried out on all imported or exported tables. There is no check built into the system.

Select this check box in the Exchange Schemes (daxch0101s000) session.

The audit procedure can be overruled for batches in an exchange scheme in the Batches (daxch0104m000) session. For example, the audit is overruled if a batch contains tables that do not use the audit procedure.

Exchange Scheme Text

If this check box is selected, additional information is available for this exchange scheme. The information is generated in the text editor.

Click the Text button on the toolbar to start the text editor.