Print ASCII File (daxch0202m000)

Use this session to print an ASCII file with ASCII file fields of an exchange scheme.

This process can also run as part of a job. Click Add to Job to start the Job Manager.

Note: If the field numbers to be printed are not specified, all the fields in the ASCII file are printed.

Field Information

Exchange Scheme

Enter the code of the exchange scheme.


Enter the code of the ASCII file.

ASCII File Name

This field is automatically filled with the code of the physical ASCII file.

Field Number

If you only want to print part of the ASCII file, enter a range of field numbers of the ASCII file.

Field No.

Enter value for the ASCII file field.

Field No.

The exchange scheme code.

Note: The exchange scheme is created in the Exchange Schemes (daxch0501m000) session.
Field Nos.

Enter a field number of the ASCII file that must be printed.

Note: If no specific ASCII file field numbers are specified, all fields in the file are printed.