Conditions (daxch0114m000)

Use this session to list the available conditions for an exchange scheme.

conditions can be used for the import or export of data. The exchange depends on the return value of the set condition.

If the condition script is written and the check is successfully completed, the Condition Script check box and the Syntax OK check box are automatically selected.


If you have started this session by zooming, you can only find and select a record.

  • Predefined functions and variables are available in the Predefined Functions/Variables (daxch0510s000) session.
  • Set the conditions at table level in the Table Relations (Import) (daxch0521m000) details session and the Table Relations (Export) (daxch0531m000) session.
  • Set the conditions on field level in the Table Relations (Import) (daxch0521m000) details session and the Field Relations (Export) (daxch0532m000) session.

Actions/Reference menu

These options are available:

Check Syntax of Conditions...

Verifies the syntax of a selected condition script. If no record is selected, all condition scripts are verified collectively.

Parameters by Condition
Creates or changes the parameters in a condition script.

Field Information

Exchange Scheme

The exchange scheme code.

The exchange scheme is created in the Exchange Schemes (daxch0501m000) session.


The condition code.

The data exchange process can be manipulated by using various conditions at record level or at field level. Records are updated depending on the values returned by the condition. A condition is defined in a condition script using the text editor.

This script is written in LN 4GL. Predefined functions available in the Predefined Functions/Variables (daxch0510s000) session can be used.


Enter a description for the condition.

Condition Type

The condition type.


The corresponding domain of the value that is returned by the condition.

This field is applicable for conditions with the Enumerate or Set data type. The field appears dimmed for other data types.

Condition Script

If this check box is selected, a condition script exists.

A condition script is created using the text editor. Click the Text button on the toolbar to start the text editor.

Syntax OK

If this check box is selected, the condition script is successfully compiled.

Click Check Syntax of Conditions... on the appropriate menu to check the condition script. If the check is successfully completed, the check box will automatically be selected.