Batches (daxch0104m000)

Use this session to create the available batches for an exchange scheme.

A batch is used to group operations on related tables and is identified by a unique code. An exchange scheme contains one or more batches.

The exchange process can run by batch. This means that the entire exchange scheme does not have to run at once.

Field Information

Exchange Scheme

The exchange scheme code.

The exchange scheme is created in the Exchange Schemes (daxch0501m000) session.


The batch code that identifies the batch in an exchange scheme.

Sequence Number

The sequence number of the batch in an exchange scheme.

Data is processed in sequential order. If two batches have the same sequence number, they are processed in alphabetical order.


Enter a description of the batch.


The company number from which the data is read during an export procedure or to which the data is written during an import procedure.

Note: The company number must have the same package combination as the current company.
Exchange Based on Audit

If this check box is selected, the data is imported or exported from audit logs with updates on LN tables, instead of the LN tables.

This option is useful in a multisite environment. This option only shows that an audit is carried out on all tables that are imported or exported. There is no check built into the system.

The audit procedure can be overruled in this session for an exchange scheme. For example, the audit is overruled if a batch contains tables that do not use the audit procedure.

  • This check box can only be selected if the Exchange Based on Audit check box is selected in the Exchange Schemes (daxch0101s000) session.
  • If this field is changed, you do not have to generate the import program or the export program again.

Batch Text

If this check box is selected, additional information is available for this batch. The information is generated in the text editor.

Click the Text button on the toolbar to start the text editor.