The use of transport categories

In Warehousing, the transport category specified for a load is added to the shipment BOD.

For each load, a carrier is specified. The transport category defined for a carrier in the Carriers/LSP (tcmcs0580m000) session is defaulted to the load.

Carriers can provide multiple types of transport, therefore various transport categories in addition to the default transport category are available that you can specify for a load.

The transport category is also used as a load building criterion. If a transport category other than the default transport category of the carrier is specified for a load, no new shipment lines can be added to the shipments of this load. Therefore, if another transport category is required, you must change the transport category of the load after the load building process is completed.

If a shipment was created after the transport category of the load is changed, the shipment cannot be added to this load, but the shipment is added to a load for which the default transport category is specified. If this is not required, use the Compose Shipment (whinh4231m000) session to move the shipment to the load with the changed transport category.


In Freight, a limited number of transport categories is supported. Therefore, if a load includes shipment lines linked to a freight order, various transport categories cannot be added to the load. See the Freight section below.


In Freight, these transport categories are unavailable:

  • Transport by Sea (Container)
  • Transport by Rail (Container)
  • Transport by Road (Container)
  • Transport by Air (Charter)
  • Contract Carrier
  • Transport by Customer Pickup
  • Less than Truck Load
  • Mail
  • Intermodal
  • Consolidation
  • Express Air
  • Express Truck
  • Express Rail
  • Pool Point
  • Milk Run

Carriers for which one of these transport categories is specified in the Carriers/LSP (tcmcs0580m000) session cannot be linked to a shipping office and planning group in the Carriers/LSP by Shipping Office and Planning Group (fmfrc0160m000) session. Consequently, such carriers are unavailable for load building in Freight.