Inbound and outbound procedures

In LN, user-definable warehousing procedures control the inbound, storage, and outbound goods flows in your warehouse.

A warehousing procedure includes various activities that determine the way goods are processed in the warehouse.

The warehousing inbound flow comprises the following default procedures:

  • The Receipt Procedure
  • The Inspection Procedure

The warehousing outbound flow comprises the following default procedures:

  • The Outbound Procedure
  • The Shipment Procedure

The outbound procedure can include outbound inspections, if required.

Inbound and outbound processing of goods

To process the goods in LN, you can take either of the following steps:

  • Process the warehousing order lines that list the goods
    If you process the warehousing order lines, by default, LN processes the goods according to the warehousing procedure that is linked to the warehouse order type of the warehousing order to which the order lines belong. For individual warehousing orders or order lines, you can modify the default warehousing procedure. For further information on defining and modifying warehousing procedures, see Warehousing procedures and How to modify warehousing procedures.
  • Process the handling units that contain the goods
    To process a handling unit, the handling unit must be linked to a warehousing order line. If you process a handling unit, the handling unit is processed according to the warehousing procedure of the warehousing order line. For each procedure step that a handling unit takes, the order lines are updated in the background.

Inbound goods are listed on inbound order lines, and outbound goods are listed on outbound order lines. Inbound and outbound order lines are generated from orders originating from other LN packages or are manually created in Warehousing. For more information, refer to Warehousing orders.

Depending on your data setup, handling units can be generated automatically for inbound or outbound goods, or you can generate or manually create handling units during any of the stages of the inbound and outbound goods flow.

You can view the progress of order lines or handling units during warehouse processing in the following sessions:

  • Inbound Line Status Overview (whinh2119m000)
  • Outbound Line Status Overview (whinh2129m000)
  • Handling Unit Process Inbound (whinh2113m000)
  • Handling Unit Process Outbound (whinh2123m000)

These sessions show the activities that have been performed for the order lines or the handling units, and show the next activity that you must perform. In addition, in these sessions you can perform activities that must be performed manually.