Warehousing procedures

To model the inbound, storage, and outbound goods flows in your warehouse, you can define warehousing procedures in LN.

The following warehousing procedure types are available:

  • Receipt Procedure
    This procedure controls the receipts of goods
  • Inspection Procedure
    The inspection procedure controls the inspection of goods received at the warehouse.
  • Outbound Procedure
    The outbound procedure controls the issue of goods. This procedure can include outbound inspections.
  • Shipment Procedure
    The shipment procedure controls staging and shipping of goods.

A warehousing procedure includes various steps called activities that control the way warehousing orders and/or handling units are processed. An activity is performed using a particular LN session.

Link warehousing procedures to inbound and outbound goods

Initially, you define a warehousing procedure and link this procedure to a particular warehousing order type. As a result, the warehousing procedure is the default procedure for the warehousing orders to which the order type is allocated, and the goods are processed according to the procedure of the order on which the goods are listed.

If you use handling units to process goods into and/or out of the warehouse, the goods are processed according to the warehousing procedure of the warehousing orders that list the goods contained in the handling units.

You can adjust the default procedure for individual warehousing orders and warehousing order lines of this warehousing order type. If you adjust the default procedure for an individual warehousing order of this order type, the adjusted procedure applies to the inbound and/or outbound order lines of the warehousing order. You can also adjust the warehousing procedure for an individual inbound or outbound order line.

Automatic or manual execution of activities

You can specify whether an activity of a warehousing procedure must be carried out manually or automatically. Manually means that the user must perform the activity using the session related to the activity. Automatic means that the activity is carried out automatically after the preceding activity is finished. If the first activity is automatic for warehousing orders generated from orders originating from other packages, this activity is carried out the moment the warehousing order is generated.

However, to trigger warehouse processing for warehousing orders whose first activity is set to automatic processing and that are manually created or generated from Project, you must click Process.

The Process command is available in the following sessions:

  • Warehousing Orders (whinh2100m000)
  • Warehousing Order (whinh2100m100)
  • Warehouse Manager Dashboard (whinh2300m000)
  • Warehousing Assembly Orders (whinh2101m000)
  • Inbound Order Lines (whinh2110m000)
  • Outbound Order Lines (whinh2120m000)