Generating freight orders for direct delivery service orders

On a service order, you can indicate whether you want the sold goods to be directly delivered. By means of a purchase order that is linked to a service order, the buy-from business partner delivers the goods directly to the sold-to business partner. A direct delivery by-passes your warehouse.

You can use Freight to manage and plan your direct deliveries.

Direct delivery orders

If you want to generate freight orders for direct deliveries, the following applies:

  • The freight order must be generated from the purchase order, but the service order fields are leading. Therefore, on the Freight tab of the Service Order Estimated Material Costs (tssoc2120m000) session, freight information must be specified on the service order. The purchase order data is disabled.
  • You must use shipping office matrices to determine which shipping office is responsible for handling the freight orders. For more information, refer to Shipping office matrices.
  • The Invoice for Freight field in the Service Order Estimated Material Costs (tssoc2120m000) session determines the value of the Invoice External Business Partner check box in the Purchase Orders (tdpur4100m000) session.

    If this field is:

    • Not Applicable
      The Invoice External Business Partner is selected
    • By Service or By Freight Management
      The Invoice External Business Partner is cleared.
  • To calculate the freight invoice amount for the direct delivery, click Freight Amount in the Service Order Estimated Material Costs (tssoc2120m000) session. The purchase office that is linked to the buy-from business is used for this calculation. The calculated freight invoice amount is shown in the Freight Amount field of the Service Order Estimated Material Costs (tssoc2120m000) session.

After the Planned Delivery Time is entered on the estimated material cost line, LN determines whether the transportation lead time is sufficient to deliver the goods in time. To calculate the transportation time, the ship-from business partner's ship-from address and the ship-to business partner's ship-to address are used. If the goods cannot be delivered in time, you must change the Planned Receipt Time or select another carrier on the estimated material cost line.

If a freight order is linked to a direct delivery order, the date fields have different names in the various modules. See this table:

Moment of shipment of the goods from the supplierplanned delivery timeload dateload dateshipping date
Moment of receipt of the goods by the sold-to business partnerplanned receipt timeplanned receipt dateunload dateplanned delivery date


Freight orders
  • After a direct delivery purchase order is generated for the service order, a freight order can be generated for the direct delivery order in the Generate Freight Orders (tdpur4220m000) session. For details on creating a direct delivery service order, refer to Direct delivery service orders.
  • The purchase order number as well as the service order number are displayed on the freight order.
  • When the freight order is generated, it is linked to the service order line in the Related Orders (tsmdm4500m000) session and to the purchase order line in the Purchase Order Line - Linked Information (tdpur4502s000) session.
  • When the purchase order is received in the Purchase Receipts (tdpur4106m000) session, freight related fields must be entered in this session. For instance, you must enter a carrier that is used for freight cost calculation, if no carrier is known yet. After final receipt, you must communicate the direct delivery information to the service order by means of the Update Sales / Service Order with Delivery Information (tdpur4222m000) session.

The procedure for direct delivery service orders with linked freight orders is explained in this diagram:


If the direct delivery purchase order is:

  • Updated by Service, the linked freight order is deleted. You must generate a new freight order, if required.
  • Deleted in Procurement, the linked freight order is also deleted.
  • Canceled by Service, the linked freight order is deleted.