Limitations in multicompany Freight Management

The following limitations occur in the multicompany functionality for Freight.

Generate freight order

Freight orders are initiated by originating orders such as sales or purchase orders. Therefore, the Generate Freight Orders (fmfoc1234m000) session must be run in the logistic company of the originating orders. Freight orders are then generated for orders in the current logistic company.

Means of transport calendar

If you use means of transport in a multicompany setup, you must define a calendar for the means of transport or the carrier. If no calendar is defined, as a rule, the company calendar is used. As each company can have its own calendar, the results depend on the freight planning company. As means of transport calendars are shared, using the means of transport calendar in another freight planning company will result in an update with the company calendar of that freight planning company. This might lead to unexpected results.