To create load plans using the Plan Board (fmlbd0215m000)

The Plan Board (fmlbd0215m000) session provides a graphical interface that is used to create and maintain load plans.

  1. Select the freight orders on which the load plan is to be based from the Freight Orders pane.
  2. On the appropriate menu of the Freight Orders pane, select Generate Plan.
  3. In the Generate Plan (fmlbd0280m000) session, specify the settings as required.
  4. Click Generate.

The load structure of the generated plan is displayed in the Loads and Shipments pane and the code of the plan is displayed in the Plans pane.

You can create various load plans for the same (group of) freight order(s), each time using a different planning algorithm and use the plan that best suits your requirements. To use a load plan, you must set the status of the load plan to Actual.

Various options are available to modify plans. See Load composition - moving objects and To modify load plans using the Plan Board (fmlbd0215m000).