The use of volume and weight classes

A volume class is allocated to a range of volumes, for example, from 1 gal to 10 gal. Volume classes can be used to determine the planning group of freight order lines.

A weight class is allocated to a range of weights, for example, from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs.

A class code is a code used to identify volume classes and weight classes.

A volume class or weight class consists of the following components:

  • Range with from and to values
  • Class code
  • Description

You can maintain the from and to values in the Weight and Volume Classes (fmfmd0190m000) session, and the class codes and descriptions in the Class Codes (fmfmd0195m000) session.

You can use volume and weight classes to determine the planning group to which freight order lines must be allocated. For example, if the weight of the item listed on a freight order line matches the weight class defined in the plan matrix of planning group A, the freight order line is allocated to planning group A.

Volume and weight classes can also serve as factors to determine the choice of carrier that is to transport particular goods. For example, a carrier transports the goods on freight order lines of a particular weight class, because this weight class and the carrier are included in the same plan matrix.