The use of freight classes

A freight class is the classification of an item in terms of:

  • Product density (weight per square foot).
  • Stowage (size, weight, and shape).
  • Handling.
  • Liability (the item's value).

Freight classes are mainly used in the United States.

In addition to item classification, freight classes are used for the following purposes:

For these purposes, you can link a freight class to an item in the Items - Freight Management (fmfmd1100m000) session, and to a freight order line in the Freight Order Lines (fmfoc2101m000) session.

To determine freight rates

To determine the freight rate that must be used to calculate the freight costs for a freight order line, sales order line, sales quotation line, or sales contract line, you can link a freight class to rate basis numbers in the Rate Basis Numbers by Attributes (fmfrc0120m000) session.

To determine planning groups for freight order lines

To determine the planning group for a freight order line, you can use a freight class as an attribute of a matrix definition.