Unfederating a federated Infor Lawson system

This procedure is intended to be performed only if you are configuring Infor OS as STS for authentication.


If you need to unfederate for any other reason, please open an incident with support.

Prior to beginning the unfederation process, the following must be completed:
  • A full Infor Security Services (ISS) sync must be completed without any exceptions.

  • A pre-sync data check must be completed on LSF and LMK without any exceptions.
  • If either the Infor System Foundation or Infor Landmark pre-sync data check on identities has exceptions, they must be addressed and another pre-sync data check on identities run. Another full sync should also be run.

If you unfederate but want to enable Landmark to make calls to AGS/Transaction on LSF, you must perform additional configuration. Configuring AGS calls when unfederated: Overview