Enabling permission BODs

This topic describes how to enable permission BODs. The instructions assume you know how to create roles and view security classes.

Prerequisite procedures: Before you perform the configuration in this section, Configurable Features must be enabled. Enable Configurable Features.

  1. Verify that a role called PermissionBODsGenerator_ST exists in the application data area for which you want to generate permission BODs.
    If PermissionBODsGenerator_ST does not exist, create the role and assign the security class PermissionBODsAccess_ST to it.
  2. Assign the PermissionBODsGenerator_ST role to all users who will generate permission BODs.
  3. Locate the "Show All Schedule Actions Enabled" feature and then set it to true for the PermissionBODsGenerator role. More information is available in another section of this document. Update security roles for Configurable Features