Responsive Web Help

Starting with Infor Landmark Technology 11.0.x CU37 (December 2020), product documentation for Landmark and Landmark applications is delivered as a browser-accessible help system. Based on Infor’s Responsive Web Help framework, these benefits are offered in the new help system:
  • Light-weight deployment that requires only a web server
  • Responsive design that automatically adapts to device screens
  • Uses Infor design standards

The new documentation deliverable replaces infocenters for on-premises installations of Landmark and the Landmark applications. If you have infocenters installed, they are removed automatically as part of the update.

You have three installation options:
  • Choose the default option to point your Help installation to the home page.
  • Set your help location to a specific help library on Documentation is updated by Infor with each monthly release.
  • Install Responsive Web Help on an on-premises web server and set the documentation URL to point to your local installation. We recommend that you use a different web server than the one that is used for your Landmark and Landmark applications.
Note: Starting with Infor Landmark Technology 11.0.x CU39 (March 2021), the default help option will point to the Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management Applications help library on

See the Infor Landmark Technology Installation Guide and the Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management Applications, built with Landmark Installation Guide.

Note: If you are using Infor Landmark Technology 10.1.1.x, you will continue to use the infocenter as your help system. You may also direct your users to the documentation on