Cash and Treasury Management non-administrator roles

For the administrator tasks, see the Infor Lawson Cash and Treasury Management Administration Guide.

Role Tasks
Treasury Manager The Treasury Manager can perform all cash position, cash forecasting, bank statement, and bank administration tasks available in the Treasury Administrator process board, except for interfacing distributions to Infor Lawson Financials General Ledger.
Treasury Accountant

The Treasury Accountant works in the Treasury Management process board. It is the only role that can interface distributions for posting.

The Treasury Accountant can view the same data as the Treasury Manager and perform all the tasks related to bank statements and posting, but cannot perform any Bank Administration tasks.

Treasury Analyst

The Treasury Analyst can view the same data as the Treasury Manager (from the Treasury Analyst process board), and can perform the same tasks except for creating, deleting, or activating a cash forecast.

The Treasury Analyst can update cash forecasts and create direct forecasts.

Treasury Viewer The Treasury Viewer can view the same data as the Treasury Manager (from the Treasury Viewer process board), but cannot update or create any data.
Treasury Approver

The Treasury Approver is responsible for approving or rejecting cash forecasts routed via the Infor Process Automation CashForecastApproval process.

The Treasury Approver is notified via email and notification that an approval is requested and can access the approval work unit directly from the notification or from the inbasket.

Finance Portal user

The Finance Portal user can be anyone given a login to the Finance Portal. The only possible action is to submit a forecast transaction that will be processed in Cash and Treasury Management.


Finance Portal user is called CTMWebAccess in the application.