Splitting a bank statement line

  1. Access Treasury Analyst > Statement Processing > Bank Statements.
  2. In the Open Bank Statements tab, double-click any line.

    The Update Bank Statement form appears and shows the following tabs:

    • Lines

    • Line Exceptions (only applicable when bank statement lines did not meet the following processing rules):

      • LineStatus.Pending

      • Uncategorized

      • DistributionsOutOfBalance

      • SplitLineHasNoAmount

      • SplitLineDoesNotBalance (brings in both original line and all split lines when it does not balance)

      • OriginalLineDoesNotBalance (brings in both original line and all split lines when it does not balance)

    • Line Distributions (if you are reconciling to forecasts or have variances)

    • Non Cash Ledger Transactions (if you are reconciling to other systems)

    • Statement Balances

  3. Select the bank statement line you want to split.

    Any bank statement line can be split. After being split, the Sequence Number will appear in the Sequence Number column. Once split, they can not be split again.

  4. From the Actions menu, select Split Statement Line.
  5. Type in the total number of lines.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To edit the category, click the cell under the Category column.
  8. To edit the amount, click the cell under the Line Amount column.

    The split line amounts must add up to the original amount. A flag will appear on the original line amount if the amounts do not match.

  9. Click Save.
  10. To delete a single split statement line, right-click on the line and select Delete.
  11. To delete all the split lines for a statement line, use the action Restore Original Statement Line.