Creating a cash position worksheet for intraday bank statements

This feature will allow the user to take an intraday bank statement and create a Cash Position Worksheet. This allows the treasury department to select the forecast amount, the intraday statement amount or enter their own calculated amount per category and publish the worksheet for decision makers to use in there cash flow decisions. Based on the published worksheet, the treasury may need to move money into or out of the cash account.
  1. Access Treasury Manager > Statement Processing > Bank Statements.
  2. Click the Intraday Bank Statements tab.
  3. Select a bank statement then click Actions > Load Cash Position Worksheet.
  4. When the process is finished you will see a link in the far right column titled: Cash Position Worksheet.

    Click on this link to open the form. Refer to the guidelines below for information:

    • Bank Statement: Number auto assigned to the bank statement
    • Statement Date: Date of the bank statement
    • Position Status: Unpublished or Published
    • Target Balance: Defined on Cash Account
    Projected Cash Balance
    • Beginning Collected Balance: Previous day ending balance
    • Receipts: Total receipts (categories with natural balance of credit)
    • Disbursements: Total disbursements (categories with natural balance of debit)
    • Other: Total other (categories with NO natural balance defined)
    • Projected Cash Balance: Beginning Balance + Receipts + Disbursements + Other + Target Balance Variance
  5. Check the Select box next to either the Forecast Amount or the Transation Amount to move that Amount to the Position Amount.
  6. If neither of these amounts is correct, then manually enter the Position Amount. Do this for all of the categories that are to be Finalized.
    Do the same for the Disbursements section.
  7. Optional. The Add comment link will open a form where a comment can be entered.
  8. Once the Position Amounts are what they need to be, click Finalize Worksheet at the top of the Cash Position Worksheet form.
  9. View finalized worksheets.
    1. Access Treasury Manager > Manage Cash Position > Cash Position tab.
  10. Print finalized worksheets.
    1. Access Treasury Manager > Manage Cash Position > Cash Position tab.
      Note: Finalized worksheets can also be sent through e-mail.
    2. Click the printer icon to print the worksheet into a PDF file.