Creating a fee service code

Fee service codes are fee codes from the bank.

  1. On the Fee Services Codes tab for the bank, select Actions > Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    Fee Service Code

    Type a Fee Service Code (alphanumeric field)


    Description of the service code

    Fee Service Category

    Group of fee service codes that fall under a specified category

    Unit Price As Of date

    The effective date of the unit price for the fee service code.

    Unit Price

    The unit price for the fee service code for the effective date.

    No Unit Price

    Select the check box if the service code does not have a price.

    AFP Code

    The Associate for Financial Professionals Code is another code used to identify the services provided by the bank. AFP codes are predetermined by the bank so any AFP code a user would enter is associated with the Fee Service Code.

  2. Click the arrow in the Fee Service Category field and create a category from the menu. You will have to create a Fee Service Category at this point. For more information, see Creating a fee service category.
  3. Click Save.