Creating a cash transaction category

Cash transaction categories are used to classify the transactions that the bank processes. Examples of cash transaction categories include purchase order transactions, receipts, credit cards, capital purchases, and distributions.

  1. Access Treasury Administrator > Cash Setup > Cash Transaction Setup > Categories.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:


    Used to classify transactions that the bank processes


    Description of the category

    Natural Balance

    Natural balance is used to group cash transaction categories on the cash position worksheet.

    • Debit = disbursements

    • Credit = receipts


      This setting is not used when creating bank statement lines.


    Indicates whether the account is active or not

    Posting Category

    Indicates to the system if distribution records will be created for the specified category

    Allocation Code

    An allocation code can be used to default one or more predefined company, accounting unit, account, activity, and comment to the bank statement line distribution.

    If there is no allocation code available, the following information may be provided:


    Select a company from the list.

    Accounting Unit

    Select an accounting unit from the list.


    Select an account from the list.


    Select an activity from the list. An activity is the task being performed for a project. Activity selection is optional and only required if the distributed is posted to a project.

    Reconciliation Tolerances
    • Tolerance Percent: percent that transactions are allowed to exceed

    • Tolerance Amount: amount that transactions are allowed to exceed


      A user can enter either a tolerance percent or a tolerance amount but not both.

    • Always Reconcile: select this check box to mark transactions as reconciled. These transactions do not require further review.

  3. Click Save.