Sending correspondence

The Correspondence tab is used to send any electronic correspondence you want to link to the account (ex. email exchanges over account information).

  1. On the Correspondence tab, access Actions > Send Correspondence.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    • Email: an e-mail address must be provided. Multiple e-mail addresses must be separated with a comma and no spaces.

    • Internal Contact: a person within the organization will select from a list of resources for that account.

    • Institution Contact: a contact person for the bank will select from a list of branch contacts for that account.


    Subject of the correspondence


    Body of the correspondence


    Supporting documents of the correspondence

  2. Click OK.

    Correspondence can be updated by adding comments to the e-mail.

  3. Update Correspondence.
    1. Double-click the sent e-mail.
    2. Type a comment for the e-mail.
    3. Optional. If the issue has been resolved, select the Resolved check box.
    4. Click Save.