Creating a fee service statement

Creating a fee service statement can also be done with Infor Spreadsheet Designer (ISD).

  1. Access Treasury Administrator > Utilities > Fee Service Statement.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    Financial Institution

    Select an institution from the list.

    Statement Date

    Select a date from the calendar.

  3. Click Save.

    The Fee Service Statement will auto-populate after you save. Take note of the Fee Service Statement number. It is required in order to import the statement details into the correct statement.

    The Fee Service Details and Exceptions tabs appear.


    The Exceptions tab shows all bank fee exceptions and will only appear if there are exception lines.

  4. Create fee service detail.
    • On the Fee Service Details tab, access the Action menu and select Create.

      Use the following guidelines to enter field values:


      Select an account from the list.

      Fee Service Code

      Select a fee service code from the list.


      Valid options are either by volume or by dollar amount. When using volume, it is based on quantity; when using dollar amount, it is based on amount spent.

      Quantity Type
      • Volume

      • Dollar Amount

      Price Per Unit

      Price per unit charged on fee statement

      Contracted Amount

      Negotiated price the bank is supposed to charge

      Fee Difference

      Difference between price per unit and contracted amount. The amount should be 0 if the bank charged the correct negotiated amount.

      Bank Charged Amount

      Quantity multiplied by price per unit

      Calculated Charge Amount

      The amount the system calculates in the background. It is the contracted amount multiplied by quantity.

      Charged Amount Difference

      Difference between what the system calculated charge and what the bank actually charged you (Bank Charged Amount). This number should also be 0.


      Indicates if the individual detail line is resolved or not


      Type a comment.

  5. Click Save.