Setting up Async queues

Async queues are recommended as a best practice to split up the actions for concurrent processing or to control the processing in a single threaded format based on the Max Active Actions field. Async queues ensure that certain actions in a queue are completed before others to maintain data integrity.
  1. Access Async Administrator > Async Overview.
  2. From the Actions menu on the Queue View tab, select Create.
  3. Specify this information:
    • CTM Forecast Queue - used for cash forecasting transactions.
    • CTM Reconciliation Queue - used when reconciling a bank statement.
    • CTM Treasury Queue - used when importing bank statements from the Bank Statement Interface.
    Specify a description of the Async queue.
    Max Active Actions
    • CTM Forecast Queue - 3
    • CTM Reconciliation Queue - 10
    • CTM Treasury Queue - 10
    Select this check box to suspend the Async queue.
    Save History
    Select this check box to save the history of the Async queue.
    Note: Saving the history will consume space on your server.
    System Queue
    Select this check box to make the Async queue a system queue. This action is not recommended for Async queues.
  4. Click Save.