Setting up process flow channel

Supported bank formats include BAI, BAI2, MT940, and MT942.

Process flows for Cash and Treasury Management include CashForecastApproval2, SyncBai2BankStatementData, SyncMT940BankStatementData, SyncBankStatement, and SyncMT942BankStatementData.

Infor Process Designer (IPD) must be installed and the Received, Process, and In Error directories must be created before setting up process flow channels.

  1. Access Process Server Administrator > Configuration > Process Definitions > Application Defined Processes.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.
  3. Specify this information:
    Name of the process flow, for example, SyncBai2BankStatementData
    Description of the process flow, for example, Flow for SyncBai2BankStatementData
    Process Type
    • User Defined
    • System Defined
    • Application Defined
    Current Process Version
    Version of the process flow currently being used
    Is Process Enabled
    Select the check box to make the process active.
    Log Level
    • None
    • Workunit Only
    • Activity Only
    • Workunit and Activity
      Note: Log level should be set to None. Only use the other options if the process flow needs to be debugged.
    Notify By Email
    • On Completion
    • On Failure
    • Always
    • On Failure or Activity Error
    Variable Names
    Not used for Cash and Treasury Management. These fields can be left blank.
  4. Click Save.
    Process Versions tab is displayed.