Updating line exceptions

Administrators have access to update bank statement line exceptions. Updating line exceptions can be run three different ways:

  • By Finance Group: Only selecting a finance group includes all cash accounts and all bank statements for the cash accounts. This is the least restrictive method of updating.

  • By Finance Group and Cash Account: Selecting a Cash Account includes only the bank statements for the specified Cash Account and Finance Group.

  • By Finance Group, Cash Account, and Bank Statement: Selecting a Bank Statement includes only the specified Bank Statement, Cash Account, and Finance Group. This is the most restrictive method of updating.


If you select a Bank Statement before selecting a Cash Account, the system populates the Cash Account field from the selected Bank Statement.

  1. Access Treasury Administrator > Utilities > Update Processes > Update Line Exceptions.

  2. To update by Finance Group and Cash Account, select the Cash Account to update in the Cash Account field.

  3. To update by Finance Group, Cash Account, and Bank Statement, select the Bank Statement of the specified Cash Account in the Bank Statement field.

  4. Click OK.

  5. To schedule the update, click Schedule. For more information on scheduling, see Updating analytic cubes.