Creating processing rules

Cash transaction processing rules are used to help with categorizing and analyzing the bank statements. A client can set up rules based on certain defined criteria and the system will categorize the incoming bank statements according to those defined rules.


Processing Rules are run in Priority order. The order of the rules can be changed by entering a new priority value in the New Priority column. Click Save to save the new priority value.

  1. Access Treasury Administrator > Cash Setup > Cash Transaction Setup > Processing Rules.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    Processing Rule

    Title of the processing rule


    Description of the processing rule

    Custom Group

    Select a custom group from the list.


    Indicates if the record is active or not


    Select a category from the list.

    Coding Option
    • None - distribution information is not provided

    • Category - provides distribution information from categories

    • Processing Rule - provides distribution information from processing rules

      Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

      Allocation Code

      Select an allocation code from the list.

      If there is no allocation code available, the following information may be provided:


      Select a company from the list.

      Accounting Unit

      Select an accounting unit from the list.


      Select an account from the list.


      Select an activity from the list.

    • Identifier - provides distribution information from identifier types

      Identifier Type

      Select an identifier type from the list.


      If you use this option, the custom group criteria must end with "and DescriptionMatchesIdentifier." The system will search the description for a match with one of the identifiers associated with the identifier type and will use the override category and distribution information from the identifier.

  3. Click Save.