Creating reconciliation templates


Reconciliation Templates are not used for reconciling to Cash Forecasts.

  1. Access Treasury Administrator > Cash Setup > Bank Reconciliation Setup > Reconciliation Templates.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:


    Specify a description for the template.


    Specify a cash management account.


    Optionally, select a category.

    Ledger Transaction Code

    Optionally, select a bank institution code.

    System Code

    Optionally, select the system code to use for reconciliation.

    Line Match Field

    This is the field that is used to match the bank statement line to the transaction. For example, Transaction Number is used to match the bank statement line's transaction number to the Cash Ledger transaction number.

    If Line Match Field is selected and the Text Variable Replacement of Transaction Number is selected, then the Transaction Number Source field is available. Valid options are Related Reference(default), Bank Reference, Text Reference. This is the value that is used in the Line Match Field.

    Remove Leading Zeros

    If this check box is selected, then the leading zeros on the transaction number in the bank statement are suppressed. This is useful when matching the bank statement transaction number to the transaction number.

  3. Click Save.