Creating non cash ledger transactions

Non cash ledger transactions are the imported transactions from an outside system (ex. payroll records from an external system). If coupled to Infor Lawson, the non cash ledger transaction file is utilized for the Reconcile to General Ledger option on the cash account.

It is assumed that you will use Infor Spreadsheet Designer (ISD) to import most non cash ledger transactions.


This tab only displays if Reconciling to Other System or Reconcile to General Ledger is selected.

  1. Access Utilities > Non Cash Ledger Interface.
  2. Double-click to select an account with non cash ledger transaction.
  3. On the Non Cash Ledger Transactions tab, access Actions > Create.

    Use the following guidelines to enter field values:

    Bank Statement

    This field will be populated after the transaction has been reconciled.

    Transaction Number

    Transaction number from an external system (ex. check number of a Payroll transaction)


    Indicates status of the non cash ledger transaction

    Transaction Date

    The date of the transaction from an external system (ex. date of the payroll transaction).

    Transaction Amount

    Enter the amount of the transaction, then select Debit or Credit.

    Reconciled Amount

    Amount that the transaction was reconciled for

    Void Transaction

    Indicates if the record is a voided transaction

    Void Date

    Date the transaction was voided

    Void Posting Period

    The calendar period the transaction was voided in. This will be auto-populated when the record is entered.

    Reconciliation Variance

    In the case that Tolerances are not defined for the transaction, a variance transaction will be created and posted to General Ledger.


    Description of the non cash ledger transaction

    User Fields

    Optional fields used for client-specified data


    User-defined comments

    Void Stop Pay Memo Transaction

    Used when a check is originally posted to the non cash ledger file in one upload then is referenced as "void" in a subsequent load

  4. On the General Ledger Details tab, use the following guidelines in entering field values:
    User Analysis

    Values will only be displayed if Strategic Ledger is being used in GL.

    System Code

    System code of the GL transaction

    Object Identifier

    Unique identifier of the GL transaction


    Value in the reference field of the GL transaction

    GL Attributes

    If utilizing Transaction Attributes, the field will be populated with the attribute name.

    GL Attribute Values

    If utilizing Transaction Attributes, the field will be populated with the entered attribute value.

  5. Click Save.

    Once the non cash ledger transaction has been created, the Reconciliation Variance Distributions tab will now be accessible.


    If coupled to Infor Lawson and Reconciling to General Ledger, Journal Transactions from the GL system will be loaded into the non cash ledger file prior to reconciliation. The GL transactions are stored in the non cash ledger table for status tracking through the reconciliation process. Users will not enter transactions into these fields directly. If not coupled to Infor Lawson, these fields can be utilized for any purpose.

Reconciliation variance distribution

This tab will list any variance distributions that were created during the reconciliation process. For example, a check was written for 100.10 but the financial institution only processed 100. The .10 difference will cause distributions to be created and sent to Cash Ledger in Infor Lawson.