Classic transaction queue

Use the Classic Transaction Queue to view messages in AGS XML logged from the Lawson applications database. AGS XML is Lawson's XML format for making AGS calls. Messages are placed within transaction groups, and you can act on messages at a group level or individual message level.

This queue shows status of transactions moving between the Landmark and Lawson databases, including failed transactions. Reasons for a failure may be that the Lawson applications database is temporarily unavailable, or there may be a problem with the transaction itself. The system continues to reset and retry failed transactions - and notify the administrator of continued failures - unless you mark them for Hold.

When a LawsonClassicMessage is in a failed state, it is possible to edit the AGS XML string to correct errors. Not all errors can be corrected in this way. For example, failures caused by network outage are retried and executed after the network returns to normal.

About options

Hold - If you place a transaction on hold, it is held until you release it. During this time, the system does not attempt retries and therefore does not notify the administrator of failures. The system automatically places a transaction on hold only under certain types of system failure, such as data inconsistencies between the S3 and Landmark data.

Reset With Children - This option is available only at a group level. If you select it, all failed children of the group are marked for another attempt. You may want to select this after you have corrected a transaction that may have been preventing related transactions from completing successfully. For example, if a purchase order transaction failed at the header level and this prevented several purchase order lines from completing, a fix to the header may allow the lines to complete. Using Reset With Children lets you retry all previously failed transactions in the group, instead of resetting them individually.