Treasury Administrator setup overview

Below is an overview of the general tasks for initial setup of the system prior to use:

Setup task Reference
Ensure general ledger, currency, and other prerequisite data exists

If you are using Cash and Treasury Management as a standalone application (without other Lawson applications), the basic administration setup must be completed.

For more information, see Administrator setup tasks for stand-alone application.

Create a finance group and company

A finance group is the highest level of a group of data in a Landmark application.

Finance companies are tied to finance group. Multiple companies can be tied to one finance group.

For more information on finance group, see Creating a finance group.

For more information on finance company, see Creating a finance company.

Create calendars

Each finance group can have one or more System Calendars defined. Calendars use Period Groups to schedule transactions.

For more information, see Creating a calendar.

Create action reasons Action reasons are reason codes that are used whenever certain actions are performed.
Create or load resources

You need only to create resources that will use Cash and Treasury Management. If your organization uses Infor Lawson Human Resources, you can load employee records from HR11 (Employees). If you do not want to use Lawson resources as financial resources, you can create resources individually.

For more information, see Creating or loading a resource.

Create a team

Teams are used to group resources together for bank statement import notifications.

For more information, see Creating a team.